SHER Update Nr. 1

SHER Update Nr. 1

Updates from the decentralized live audio platform. Learn what's new & what's coming. Don't forget to join our waitlist to get more exclusive info.


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Hello World! πŸŽ™ This is our first platform update. The idea is to share what we've been doing in the last weeks, what's coming and such. Continue reading to know more.

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Some Context

Early in November, we decided to stop with the demos and focus on the publishing mechanism and merging the new codec updates we were working on. Our initial goal was to release a public beta version in December (first week).

Those tasks took more time than what we expected. The new publishing system is a complex flow made simple. This way with SHER you can make your show public and discoverable without losing the private mode (where you can just share your show link).

On the other side, with the codec updates we improved the listening side. The goal was to include lots of tweaks from previous experiments and make the experience similar to what is to consume a classic stream on any browser. This is particularly challenging on iOS devices.

We are using OPUS together with webcodecs wherever possible. We also made a module to create webm containers on-the-fly. This allows us to use dash.js in our player. With dash, we can have more control over the streaming and play with adaptive bitrate through a decentralized channel, mad science! πŸ§ͺ

What's new?

new discovery section

Having a better player and discovery section it's not enough, we know we can do more.

So, we decided to spawn two important tasks with the help of some external teams. πŸ’ͺ

We worked with a lawyer, who helped us create simple and effective Terms & Conditions, an Ethics Code (some sort of code of conduct) and Privacy docs. Our goal here is to create a welcoming community and we want to be prepared from day 1.

This is not negotiable, people first, community first. SHER is a platform for creators and their communities.

All these docs are ready to be translated. WIP. πŸ‘

The other task was to add an explainer video. Something you can share with others and help us spread the word about SHER.

It won't be the classic explainer with a window flying with some skeuomorphic design.

No, It will be more like a (super) short story. Like the ones we want to hear on SHER.

We hope you enjoy it.

Below you will find some storyboard screens, this is early stage work as you know. These days the motion designer team is focusing on animating and making everything look fabulous.

old broadcasting building

🎁 With all that being said, we have one last thing: This is our release date!πŸ₯

Beta Release Date

February 3rd, 2022πŸŽ§πŸŽ™

Now you know! Save the date: Feb, 3. πŸ—“

From that day you will be able to create your own live audio shows, share it with others, make them public and discoverable, have guests, play files and more!

All of this while retaining control over the transmission, all of this with a high privacy model built-in, all of this with an audience that is really part of the show.

This is the first step towards a different kind of streaming.

A new way of streaming is coming. Decentralized, Simple and Direct.

Thanks for reading and see you around πŸ‘‹

Diego, Martin & Esteban, the SHER team