SHER Update #2

SHER Update #2

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Hello Streaming Community! :wave: Welcome to a new General Update Edition. This time will be around the latest features we've added to the platform. Our latest issue was from January, pre-beta release. Time passed, Shows had been broadcasted and the platform response was quite good.

Recording is Here

One of the most wanted features has been added. Automatic Recordings are enabled for all new shows. :black_circle_for_record:
How it works is really simple. As soon as you start streaming, recording is automatically enabled. When you finish, you have your recording available. You can check them out at any time using the Previous Shows button. Download and delete are available. The download is a .webm file of your session.

It is important to notice that recordings are local to your device. Nothing is sent to any cloud whatsoever. Your recording lives on your machine. This follows the same spirit of SHER, where decentralization plays a big role. This way you keep in control of your production.

Our next step is to work on re-transmissions. Yeah, live streaming is key, but having the chance to easily re-transmit or allow people to listen to your show offline helps creators to build their audience and grow their own narrative. Stay tuned for updates.

Help is on the Way

We are adding a brand new help section. Every app needs one. We started adding a glossary with all the important terms used in SHER. The idea is to have an easy-to-access and searchable help section. ℹ️

Our next move will be to add more "mini guides", describing the basic actions like "creating a new show", "inviting co-hosts" and more. This is part of the SHER principles, lowering the entry barriers to streaming. As more people become part of the community the better because there are more opportunities to connect and to create more team-based productions instead of solo shows. All these actions can lead to better-quality shows.

🔦 Tip: you can access the help menu super quickly by using the well known F1 button. Try it yourself!

Anxiety-free Streaming

We know, sometimes streaming is hard and taking your first steps it's not an exception. In the beginning, every new streamer has to deal with many things, from setup everything to building their audience. This takes time and lots of streaming.

At this point many streamers have to deal with the viewers count or in our case, listeners count and the anxiety that comes when you see low numbers and the ups and downs 🎢. There are lots and lots of conversations on the internet about it. One of the most popular recommendations is to simply hide the viewer count and do your best, no matter if there are 1 or 1000 listeners on the other side. We believe this is a great tip, that can even pay off in the long run.

That's why we decided to take a stand and hide the listener count by default. Instead, we display a positive message, letting you remember that the journey is long and you have plenty of time to improve your game and skills. You can easily access your listener counts stats just by clicking on the phrase, simple as that, no messy setup involved, this is the SHER way.

Anxiety-free streaming

Building Community

In tandem with this blog, our Twitter account and the newsletter we are adding our own Discord Server to help creators more directly, yay! 🎉

Join today and help us build the best streaming platform.

Everyone is welcome! The discord is bilingual (English and Spanish). It can be used to know other streamers alike, exchange tips and advice, promote your own show and more!

For us, it is a great opportunity to know more about you, the pain points of streaming, your creative process and more. The idea is to be around and do our best to help you succeed as a streamer.

👉 Join SHER Discord Server

As always, thanks for reading and you know, sharing is caring!

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